Balderton Capital

Balderton Capital is focused exclusively on backing the best European-founded technology companies

In the two decades since our founding in 2000, Balderton Capital have worked with hundreds of extraordinary European founders, and have raised eight funds totalling more than $3bn.

Our firm is built to support founders through their journey. We are founded on an equal partnership, which gives our companies full access to the combined insight, knowledge and experience of our partners.

Our entire team, including experts in legal, talent, finance and marketing, is focused on helping our founders to scale from startup to global giant.

We draw on an unrivalled personal and professional network to connect our companies with mentors, board members, partners and customers across the globe. Our Balderton Collective network connects our portfolio companies to each other helping them build deep, mutually beneficial relationships.

Balderton VII

Our latest early-stage fund (Balderton VII) was launched in November 2019. Learn more here.

Liquidity I

We launched Liquidity Fund I in October 2018 to provide liquidity to early-stage shareholders in high-growth European technology companies. Learn more here.

Entrepreneurs looking for investment should connect with the Investment team directly.

Building companies is hard.

Balderton Capital understand this, because our team includes the founders and operational leaders of multi-billion dollar global companies. At Balderton, we are committed to putting our expertise, support, and our network, to work for our founders

Balderton Capital believe the next European giant will be a technology company

For a millennium, Europe was the cradle of innovation. Yet today, only a few of its largest enterprises are technology companies. We believe this will change. The continent’s long tradition of innovation and substantial engineering talent, along with ten years of ecosystem development, have come together to create an environment where startups can scale to become large companies with global impact.

Technology is everywhere and transforms every industry. It has the power to generate very large companies in a short period of time. Our ambition is to nurture these future giants in our portfolio.

We believe in pioneers with outsized ambitions

We believe in people with grand plans. Who think big. Who are fearless and determined. Entrepreneurs who want to build formidable enterprises on a global scale. Founders who see way beyond personal financial gains. Individuals on a mission to create an extraordinary future.

These pioneers are rare. They can come from every educational and personal background, and from every country in Europe. That’s why we clock over a million miles a year to seek them out – and when we find them, commit to working tirelessly with them.

We believe in engineering serendipity

As entrepreneurs and founders ourselves, we know that building a business is not a linear journey. Sometimes, it is serendipitous meetings that spark game-changing inspiration. It is a question of being in the right place at the right time.

To leave these moments to chance is to waste the power of possibilities. We believe that serendipity can be engineered. That’s why we are committed to nurturing a community founded on networking. We host hundreds of events a year at our HQ in London and across Europe, and we work our extensive network to connect our companies with mentors, board members, customers and new friends. Our Collective infrastructure connects our portfolio companies to each other in ever-deeper, mutually beneficial ways. All to tip the odds in favour of our entrepreneurs.

Balderton Capital believe in creating an unfair advantage

We and our portfolio companies share a deep desire to win. That’s why we are driven to give our entrepreneurs advantages their competition cannot match.

Every day, we draw on our expertise: years of investing, hundreds of IPOs and exits, our personal experience building successful multi-billion dollar tech companies and, crucially, our unique global network from our portfolio to our Executive Council. By deploying maximum resources – from helping find the best talent to advising on global expansion – we seek to create an unfair winning advantage for every company in our portfolio.

We believe in the power of ethics

We don’t see ethics as an impediment to success. On the contrary, we believe an ethical core is a critical element of every great global company. Ethical decision making, practiced at all levels of a company, creates more sustainable business practices, better financial outcomes, and stronger organizations. We seek companies and entrepreneurs who share this same belief.

At Balderton, we are dedicated to winning, but never to winning at any cost. This means we are committed to behaving with the utmost integrity with entrepreneurs, investors, each other, and with our community at large. Every day, we will challenge ourselves to improve not just what we do but how we do it.