Crane VC


Crane VC initially back companies at every stage of Seed with the goal of following our money in subsequent rounds.

Reinventing the enterprise stack

We only invest in companies solving real problems for the enterprise and enterprise workers.


We believe European technology entrepreneurs are building category leading companies delivering industry-defining innovation.

Crane VC Likes To Invest From MVP to Go-To-Market Fit

We love rolling up our sleeves and work personally with our founders to put in place the foundations for an enduring company that matches their ambition – from refining company culture, to defining a business model, to finding a repeatable commercial model.

With our ambitious portfolio companies, we are committed to our mission: to be the champion of a better work experience for every enterprise employee in the world.


Specifically, Crane VC is seeking pre-Series A startups based in Europe, with a willingness to write the first institutional cheque. The firm is particularly bullish about London, noting that 90% of cloud and enterprise software companies that went public in the last 8-10 years opened their first international office in London. Investments already made from the fund include Aire, Avora, Stratio Automotive and Tessian.

Crane’s anchor LPs are MassMutual Ventures,  the venture capital arm of Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual), and the U.K. taxpayer funded British Patient Capital (BPC), along with other institutions, founders and VCs spanning the U.S., Europe and Asia. In addition, Crane has formed a strategic partnership with MassMutual Ventures to give Crane and its portfolio companies “deep access” to new markets and networks as they expand internationally.

First cheques range from $750k to $3m, with sizeable follow on reserves to support our companies through Series B. We view our sweet spot as helping companies build their go-to market strategies and are happy to invest pre-revenue (approximately half of our portfolio at the time of investment), although we prefer to invest post-product.


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