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Overview Of Crane Flight LP

  • Registered office address of Crane Flight LP: 3rd Floor 19-20 Noel Street, London, W1F 8GW
  • Company type: Limited partnership
  • Registered on: 24 August 2016
  • Status: Active


Scott co-founded Crane and has been backing European founders for 10 years. He previously spent time in marketing, strategy, research and finance roles before becoming a venture capitalist.

Scott grew up in Texas and is used to being surrounded by humble self-starters. He believes there is so much potential in the future of the enterprise and invests across the stack.

Krishna co-founded Crane and has been fortunate to have had the opportunity to back European founders for 20 years, investing across every layer of the enterprise stack. Prior to VC, he had several operational roles including co-founding a deep tech start-up.

Krishna was born and brought up in Malaysia but has spent the last 30 years in the UK .

He is a passionate advocate of the European entrepreneur.

Bonnie hails from Malaysia and is the Chief Operating Officer at Crane.  She qualified as a chartered accountant with Arthur Andersen and spent her early career in BDO advising growth companies on all things M&A. 

Prior to joining Crane, Bonnie was the Finance Director at Better Capital, a London Stock Exchange listed PE fund focused on operational turnaround.

Bonnie gets a kick out of solving problems and enjoys helping start-ups navigate challenges in their back office.

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Recent Filing History Of Crane Flight LP

Recent Filing History
Date Form Description
2 Apr 2019 LP6 Place of business changed from 24 florian road, london, SW15 2NL.
10 Aug 2018 LP6 1 general partner appointed. A transfer of interests. General partner appointed:CRANE corp LIMITED.
29 Jun 2018 LP6 13 LIMITED partners appointed. Increase in contribution. LIMITED partner appointed:CONOR stanley. LIMITED partner appointed:GEOFFREY love. More partners available on image.
19 Jun 2017 LP6 Increase in contribution.
19 Jun 2017 LP6 1 LIMITED partner appointed. Increase in contribution. LIMITED partner appointed:DIANA anthony.
22 Dec 2016 LP6 Term changed. Type of business changed.
14 Dec 2016 LP6 4 LIMITED partners appointed. Increase in contribution. LIMITED partner appointed:ALEXANDER khein. LIMITED partner appointed:ANDREAS stavropoulos. More partners available on image.
24 Aug 2016 LP5 1 general partner appointed, 2 LIMITED partners appointed and the total amount contributed is 2 gbp. General partner appointed:CRANE gp LLP. LIMITED partner appointed:SCOTT sage. More partners available on image.


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