Dawn Capital


Dawn Capital sweet spot is working with founders when they have gotten their product right and revenues are beginning to scale up. Everything is going right, and everything must change.

As they scale up, founders can no longer touch every customer, marketing is a science, finance graduates from focusing on cash to focusing on value.

And the product that got you here isn’t the one to get you there. Our goal and our privilege is to join your journey in building an iconic company that stands the test of time.

Our team is made up of founders, experienced VCs and business builders with strong track records in Fintech and B2B software, where we focus our attention.

Each member of the team possesses expert knowledge and has a strong track record. Collectively we are available as a resource to our founders, who have access to every member of our team.

Dawn co-leads Tink’s $100m Series D round with HMI Capital and Insight Partners