Frog Capital

Frog Capital partners with a select group of European Software leaders.

Frog Capital uses its Scale-up methodology so they have everything they need to thrive

You’re building a great business.

You’re through the start-up phase, growing fast and your market opportunity is significant. Welcome to the scale-up phase.

Whether you’re a founder-turned scale-up CEO, or a professional CEO who’s joined a founder team, Frog talks your language – we specialise in scaling tech companies. Helping leaders succeed through the scale-up phase is what we do at Frog. It’s why we call ourselves the CEO’s VC.

What we do at Frog Capital

Frog invests in software enabled scale-up stage tech companies in Europe. We invest in equity rounds of €5m – €20m in companies with annualised revenues of typically €3m – €30m. We only invest in sectors we understand: consumer, financial and business services. We aim to make scale-up a science, not an art. Together with our network, we’re continually improving a Scale-up Methodology. We use this, our network and our experience to help you succeed.

Frog Capital Scale-up Methodology

Your role as CEO is changing rapidly. You want an investor who is experienced, supportive and adds real value. One who complements your early investors. One who supports your ambition whilst highlighting pitfalls, acting as a constructive, independent partner.

Our Scale-up Methodology is our way of showing what we see as vital in this next phase. It provides a framework for us to help you prioritise your most precious resource; your focus.

Scale-Up Methodology

Making Scale-Up a science, not an art.

Together with our network, we are continually improving our Scale-Up methodology. We’ve combined learnings from the many successes we and our network have had over the last 20 years. We’ve defined the major elements which are essential for any CEO to succeed in the Scale-Up phase, and we have expertise to advise on each specialist component

1. Execution

This is the here and now. It’s the daily, weekly winning of customers. It’s how you deliver your service and devise ways to improve, quickly. Execution is the machine: a blend of team, process and insight that enables you to see where to focus to make productivity improvements. In our Blog series, we cover many of these elements from SEO and content to NPS, CLVs and Saas metrics

2. Planning

Planning is the monthly, quarterly cadence of making sure your strategic goals are clear, that your strategy to hit these is robust and that you have the talent and organisation in place to succeed. For more on this, read Frog Blogs on talent planning, building a board, hiring a CFO and managing your people resources

3. Resilience

The final element focuses on building resilience into your business. This happens over the longer term, and includes the fundamentals of how you measure and monitor your company’s value progress, how you become a sustainable, profitable and autonomous business and how you fund yourself to this point.