IQ Capital

IQ Capital are approachable.

IQ Capital connect with you from the very first meeting. We are direct, and fast-moving, and get right to the point. We respect our founders. We make a point of working in a friendly culture. We do not like corporate bureaucracy.

We understand from the word Go what you do and why it’s important. We love deep-tech. Not just that it’s transformative – we really know the science that makes it work.


You’ve discovered a breakthrough algorithm or new science that is better, faster, cheaper. But now you want to employ more people and start to scale. At seed stage we can invest up to £1.5m.

Series A

You’ve achieved a revenue run rate of £1m+, you have reliable customers and understand how to win more. But now you need to round out your leadership team. At series A we can invest up to £5m.


You already have a successful business, and now you want to scale. We only invest into follow on rounds for our existing portfolio companies at growth stage up to a total of £30m.

We have more than 20 years of experience as a sounding board for founders doing exactly the kinds of things you do, and things you need to be doing. We have achieved numerous exits – recently to Oracle, Google, Apple, Becton Dickinson and Huawei and several high-profile IPOs.

From Seed stage, we help you tackle the challenges of growth and help you build a successful company, supported by the diverse perspectives of our team – science & tech, marketing, product, sales, talent  – and not just their experience in corporate finance and M&A.

We invest up to £5m initially per company from our 2019 Fund III, in disruptive UK based tech companies capable of dominating their global markets. We invest at Seed and Series A, and we’re actively seeking investments in AI, Data Science, IoT and more. We can partner with you throughout your growth – we know that it takes time to develop global markets, and that deep-tech can take longer & cost more than originally expected. We have extensive global connections, and our own investors themselves are committed to science & innovation – from family offices and successful tech entrepreneurs through to institutions including the British Business Bank.

We keep pace with the success of our outperforming businesses, helping to build a robust VC syndicate, and for our part we can invest up to £30m from our 2019 IQ Capital Growth Fund, as you raise your later rounds.

We partner with exceptional thought leaders pushing the frontiers of deep-tech.  We help these teams to find product-market fit, scale and reach their ambitious global visions.

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