LIGHTBULB ES LIMITED raised £ 606,900 on Seedrs on 5 Jan 2019



LIGHTBULB ES LIMITED is located in Southampton.

Igloo Energy is the next generation of energy company, we help reduce the cost of running your home.

Igloo Energy is a new type of energy supplier, we use data and technology to help reduce the cost and hassle in running a home.

Company details for LIGHTBULB ES LIMITED

The company was incorporated as a Private limited with Share Capital on 9 Mar 2016 and is registered in the UK at Companies House with Company Number 10074259

The sector the business operates in is described at Companies House as 70100 – Activities of head offices with its registered office at THE WHITE BUILDING, 1-4 CUMBERLAND PLACE
SO15 2NP.

Current status of the company is Active.

How much was raised in the Igloo Energy Seedrs Crowdfunding Campaign

Company funded on 5 Jan 2019 with £606,900 at a pre money valuation of £13,204,125 . The target raise was £500,014 for 3.65% of the equity of the company.

The raise was a Equity raise.

The company operates in the sectors Energy , Digital and B2C .

What information do the filings at Companies House provide about the Company

Last accounts made up to 31 March 2019 filed by the company show

  1. Cash £17.3k
  2. Net Worth £903.3k
  3. Total Liabilities £2.9M
  4. Net Assets £914.9k

The records indicate the company has total directors of 4 and 24 shareholders.

Accounts Filing Status

  1. Last Accounts – Last accounts made up to 31 March 2019
  2. Last accounts made up to 31 March 2019

Confirmation Statement Status

  1. Last Confirmation Statement – Last statement dated 20 March 2020
  2. Next statement date 20 March 2021
    due by 1 May 2021

Filings Recently Made By LIGHTBULB ES LIMITED

01 Jul 2020 – Statement of capital following an allotment of shares on 12 June 2020
GBP 146.6966

01 Jul 2020 – Director’s details changed for Mr Matthew James Clemow on 1 July 2020

03 Apr 2020 – Confirmation statement made on 20 March 2020 with updates

06 Jan 2020 – Accounts for a small company made up to 31 March 2019

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