SOM SAA LTD raised £ 253,633 on Seedrs on 4 Dec 2019



SOM SAA LTD is located in London.

5 star reviews and voted restaurant of the year. Join som saa now as they open their second restaurant.

som saa is the name of a rare and fragrant lime found in Thailand. It’s also the name of our restaurant…

Company details for SOM SAA LTD

The company was incorporated as a Private limited with Share Capital on 29 Apr 2014 and is registered in the UK at Companies House with Company Number 09016359

The sector the business operates in is described at Companies House as 56101 – Licenced restaurants with its registered office at WESTMEAD HOUSE WESTMEAD
GU14 7LP.

Current status of the company is Active.

How much was raised in the som saa Seedrs Crowdfunding Campaign

Company funded on 4 Dec 2019 with £253,633 at a pre money valuation of £2,694,628 . The target raise was £200,001 for 6.91% of the equity of the company.

The raise was a Equity raise.

The company operates in the sectors Food & Beverage , Non-Digital and B2C .

What information do the filings at Companies House provide about the Company

Last accounts made up to 30 April 2019 filed by the company show

  1. Cash £444.4k
  2. Net Worth £875.7k
  3. Total Liabilities £277.7k
  4. Net Assets £875.7k

The records indicate the company has total directors of 3 and 104 shareholders.

Accounts Filing Status

  1. Last Accounts – Last accounts made up to 30 April 2019
  2. Last accounts made up to 30 April 2019

Confirmation Statement Status

  1. Last Confirmation Statement – Last statement dated 29 April 2020
  2. Next statement date 29 April 2021
    due by 13 May 2021

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