THALAMOS LIMITED raised £ 262,957 on Seedrs on 30 Sep 2019



THALAMOS LIMITED is located in London.

Thalamos exists to solve digital challenges facing mental health: Product 1: Software for Psychiatrists

Awareness of Mental Ill-Health is increasing, yet when compared to other illnesses we are still way behind with treatment solutions.

Company details for THALAMOS LIMITED

The company was incorporated as a Private limited with Share Capital on 12 Jun 2017 and is registered in the UK at Companies House with Company Number 10814088

The sector the business operates in is described at Companies House as 82110 – Combined office administrative service activities with its registered office at HEALTH FOUNDRY 1 ROYAL STREET
SE1 7LL.

Current status of the company is Active.

How much was raised in the Thalamos Seedrs Crowdfunding Campaign

Company funded on 30 Sep 2019 with £262,957 at a pre money valuation of £1,683,795 . The target raise was £242,059 for 12.57% of the equity of the company.

The raise was a Equity raise.

The company operates in the sectors Healthcare , Digital and Mixed B2B/B2C .

What information do the filings at Companies House provide about the Company

Last accounts made up to 30 June 2020 filed by the company show

  1. Cash £84.1k
  2. Net Worth £32.6k
  3. Total Liabilities £13.3k
  4. Net Assets £32.6k

The records indicate the company has total directors of 2 and 23 shareholders.

Accounts Filing Status

  1. Last Accounts – Last accounts made up to 30 June 2020
  2. Last accounts made up to 30 June 2020

Confirmation Statement Status

  1. Last Confirmation Statement – Last statement dated 11 June 2020
  2. Next statement date 11 June 2021
    due by 25 June 2021

Filings Recently Made By THALAMOS LIMITED

20 Jul 2020 – Total exemption full accounts made up to 30 June 2020

15 Jun 2020 – Confirmation statement made on 11 June 2020 with updates

11 Nov 2019 – Statement of capital following an allotment of shares on 24 October 2019
GBP 147.2

05 Aug 2019 – Total exemption full accounts made up to 30 June 2019

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