TRURATING LIMITED raised £ 1,895,288 on Seedrs on 20 Sep 2018



TRURATING LIMITED is located in London.

TruRating is revolutionising consumer insight, using the point of sale to collect mass, accurate feedback

In a difficult trading environment, merchants are ever more focused on enhancing experiences to evolve and grow their business.

Company details for TRURATING LIMITED

The company was incorporated as a Private limited with Share Capital on 12 Oct 2012 and is registered in the UK at Companies House with Company Number 08251033

The sector the business operates in is described at Companies House as 63110 – Data processing, hosting and related activities with its registered office at PENDRAGON HOUSE 65 LONDON ROAD, ST. ALBANS
AL1 1LJ.

Current status of the company is Active.

How much was raised in the TruRating Seedrs Crowdfunding Campaign

Company funded on 20 Sep 2018 with £1,895,288 at a pre money valuation of £79,292,346 . The target raise was £1,800,010 for 2.22% of the equity of the company.

The raise was a Equity raise.

The company operates in the sectors Data & Analytics , Digital and Mixed B2B/B2C .

What information do the filings at Companies House provide about the Company

Last accounts made up to 31 December 2019 filed by the company show

  1. Cash £60.2k
  2. Net Worth £10.1M
  3. Total Liabilities £1.4M
  4. Net Assets £10.1M

The records indicate the company has total directors of 5 and 108 shareholders.

Accounts Filing Status

  1. Last Accounts – Last accounts made up to 31 December 2019
  2. Last accounts made up to 31 December 2019

Confirmation Statement Status

  1. Last Confirmation Statement – Last statement dated 1 October 2019
  2. Next statement date 1 October 2020
    due by 12 November 2020

Filings Recently Made By TRURATING LIMITED

03 Feb 2020 – Total exemption full accounts made up to 31 December 2019

15 Jan 2020 – Statement of capital following an allotment of shares on 18 December 2019
GBP 3.038824

26 Nov 2019 – Registration of charge 082510330004, created on 20 November 2019

14 Oct 2019 – Confirmation statement made on 1 October 2019 with updates

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