Downing LLP , a Corporation based in United Kingdom

Who are Downing LLP

Downing LLP is a Corporation based in  United Kingdom.

What type of sectors does the Fund invest in ?

Downing LLP invests in sectors including Telecommunications and Building Material.

Where can I find Downing LLP on the internet and on social media ?

What is the flagship investment in the Funds’ Portfolio

Goonhilly Earth Station

Which Funds do Downing LLP Co Invest with ?

  • Woodford Investment Management

Who are the Team ?

Partner and Head of Unquoted Investments        Kostas Manolis
Portfolio Director       David Phillips
Investment Manager        Matt Tingle
Investment Manager        Michael Joseph
Investment Director        David Freeder
Investment Director        Evangelos Vaggelis
Head of Portfolio        Martin Robertson
Portfolio and Operations Manager at Downing Ventures        Sophie Andre
Downing Ventures – Portfolio Manager        Laoise McGarry
Head of Investment      Chris Allner
Investment Director       Torsten Mack
Investment Manager      Amar Amin
Investment Director, Property Finance      Richard Lamb

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