ECI Partners , a VC based in United Kingdom

Who are ECI Partners

ECI Partners is a VC based in  United Kingdom.

What type of sectors does the Fund invest in ?

ECI Partners invests in sectors including Financial Services and Insurance.

Where can I find ECI Partners on the internet and on social media ?

What is the flagship investment in the Funds’ Portfolio


Which Funds do ECI Partners Co Invest with ?

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Who are the Team ?

Partner        Caroline Dent
Managing Partner       David Ewing
Partner        George Moss
Partner        John Hayhurst
Partner        Lewis Bantin
Partner        Mark Keeley
Partner        Paul McCreadie
Partner and CFO        Philip Shuttleworth
Partner        Richard Chapman
Managing Partner      Sean Whelan
Managing Partner       Steve Tudge
Partner      Tom Wrenn
Investment Director      Duncan Ramsay

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