Enterprise Ventures , a VC based in United Kingdom

Who are Enterprise Ventures

Enterprise Ventures is a VC based in  United Kingdom.

What type of sectors does the Fund invest in ?

Enterprise Ventures invests in sectors including Medical and Health Care.

Where can I find Enterprise Ventures on the internet and on social media ?

What is the flagship investment in the Funds’ Portfolio

Blue Prism Group

Which Funds do Enterprise Ventures Co Invest with ?

  • The North West Fund

Who are the Team ?

CEO        Jonathan Diggines
Investment Director       Paul Taberner
Investment Director        Steve Fishburn
Investment Director        Will Clark
Director        Paul Mattick
Investment Director        Mike Walker
CEO        Mark Payton
Non Executive Director        Ian Metcalfe
Investment Director        Marcus Henderson
COO      Peter Dines
Investment Director       Mark Volanthen
Investment Director      Chris Pestell
Investment Director      Jill Williams

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