Hg , a VC based in United Kingdom

Who are Hg

Hg is a VC based in  United Kingdom.

What type of sectors does the Fund invest in ?

Hg invests in sectors including Information Technology and Health Care.

Where can I find Hg on the internet and on social media ?

What is the flagship investment in the Funds’ Portfolio

Yijiupi (易久批)

Which Funds do Hg Co Invest with ?

  • Qiming Venture Partners

Who are the Team ?

Partner        Amanda Good
Partner       Dawn Marriott-Sims
Director        Florian Wolff
Partner        Jean Brian
Partner        Jonathan Boyes
Partner        Kai Romberg
Senior Partner        Nic Humphries
Partner        Nick Jordan
Partner        Nick Luckock
Partner      Sebastien Briens
Partner       Thorsten Toepfer
Director      Stefan Margolis
Director      Christian Stein

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