iStarter , a Corporation based in United Kingdom

Who are iStarter

iStarter is a Corporation based in  United Kingdom.

What type of sectors does the Fund invest in ?

iStarter invests in sectors including Robotics and CRM.

Where can I find iStarter on the internet and on social media ?

What is the flagship investment in the Funds’ Portfolio


Which Funds do iStarter Co Invest with ?

  • Seedrs

Who are the Team ?

Equity Partner – Vice President        Antonio Chiarello
Equity Partner       Sergio Mottola
CEO        Simone Cimminelli
Equity Partner        Gabriele Cavargna Bontosi
Partner        Chiara Giovenzana
Equity Partner        Gary Gasbarri
Equity Partner        Mirco Coccoli
CEO, Partner        Federico Pomi
Equity Partner        Fabio Blandino
Partner      Gabriel Ossi
Co-Founder, Chairman       Nicola Garelli
Equity Partner      Stefano Marrone
Equity Partner      Alberto Menegazzi

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